This guide contains all the Date and Time Display design guidelines (mandatory and recommended) accompanied by example diagrams to illustrate their application. Although offered as a quick reference to already familiar guidance, you may also find this guide useful for exploring areas of the guidance that are new to you.

Remember that this guide is not a replacement for the definitive version which includes further usage examples (showing both correct and incorrect application) and details the rationale behind the guidance.

Purpose of this Guidance

This guidance specifies a user interface for the display of short format dates, long format dates, times and duration. Guidance includes rules for syntax, separators, null values and approximate values.

Date Formats

Example date formats, including '01-Jan-1994' and '01 January 1994'

Time Formats

Example time formats, including '23:59' and '09:43:22'

Duration Formats

Example duration formats, including '4hr 32min 16sec' and '8hr 10se'

This version of the Date and Time Display guide is based on the following full guidance documents: